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Why Choose DevOps Fast Track?

01. We Are Different

We're not just your typical technology agency, whom you invest tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on projects, chasing up deadlines just so that your team is left with insufficient capacity and knowledge to manage the tech.

Our priority is to coach technology businesses embrace DevOps culture and ways of working, to organically improve your product lifecycle, and take your infrastructure and process to the next level.

02. We Provide Strategic Direction

We understand that every business, every team is unique, and hence we offer strategic customized roadmap to our clients, on how to start implementing DevOps ways of working, technologies and processes.

We will also help you track your progress against important DevOps metrics: Deployment frequency, change failure rate, mean time to restore service and lead time for change. 

03. We Want You To Win

We believe that it's not enough to simply hire a DevOps engineer, or a technology consultancy firm and hope that you're doing DevOps.


DevOps needs to be fundamentally understood, and implemented from the leadership level to the engineers' ways of working with codes, infrastructure and processes. Once every engineer does DevOps, the company benefit significantly. 

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