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DevOps Strategy

At DevOps FastTrack, we understand that for a lot of organisations struggling to implement DevOps, they might not know where they should end up, or the first steps to get there, or they might be struggling with a mountain of tech debts they think they have to get through. 

Our expert will work with you by reviewing your current processes, technologies, infrastructure, current streams of work and come up with detailed roadmap on implementing DevOps. 

We will give you recommendations on what technologies you should implement, the processes you should enhance/automate and their priorities.

Our roadmap will aim to tackle the following key areas, which ultimately lead to the success of your DevOps journey: 

Source Control Improvement

Source Control

  • Branching Strategies

  • Branch Protection

  • Pull Request Review Process

  • Git Hooks

  • Developer Experience

Application Orchestration

Application Orchestration

  • Containerised Applications

  • Container Orchestration

  • Configuration As Code

  • Scalability 

CICD Pipelines Improvements

CI/CD Pipelines

  • Code Package

  • Continuous Delivery & Deployment

  • Quality Gates

  • Shift Left

Change Management Uplift

Change Management

  • Change Request Template

  • Deployment Approval

  • Roll Backs

  • Automated CRs

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Provisioning

  • Public Cloud 

  • Security Hardening

  • Infrastructure As Code

  • Networking

  • Immutable Infrastructure

Monitoring and Alerts

Monitoring and Alerts

  • Infrastructure and Application Metrics

  • Application Logs

  • Production Alerts and SLAs

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