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DevOps Coaching

With our DevOps Coaching service for small/medium businesses, our Principal Coach at DevOps FastTrack aims to equip your engineering teams with the fundamental knowledge, mindset and vision to implement DevOps effectively. 

This is a highly interactive combination of instructor led discussions and team-based exercises. It's not just reading through a slide pack. It teaches what is at the heart of DevOps movement.

Course Outline

Through our 5-week program, we will work with your teams on the following areas: 

  1. DevOps Pillars 

  2. Team Responsibilities

  3. Technology Toolkit

  4. Best Practices

  5. Implementation 

Coaching Objectives

We have designed the coaching program to help organisations who are new to DevOps achieving the following objectives:

  • Understanding of DevOps principles and their application.

  • Establish team responsibilities on, for example, enhancing release and platform stability.

  • Get familiar with latest technologies used in DevOps, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, ELK stack, etc. 

  • Follow the best practises in building DevOps technologies, processes.

  • Choose one application of your choice and implement DevOps to help release it faster.

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